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DHW Members

Information on the members of the Disability, Health and Wellbeing (DHW) subgroup

Emma Kelley (staff) 

Emma Kelley

I am an Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in the UCLMS undergraduate team. As part of my role I work with students across all six years; teaching, assessing, as a personal tutor and a CPP tutor.
I joined the DHW sub-committee in January 2021. I am currently studying for my masters in medical education at UCL so I will also be representing the postgraduate student’s perspectives.
I believe maintaining good health and wellbeing is integral to students success and happiness so I hope that my work within the EDI committee will nurture this and bring about positive change.

Miranda Kronfli (staff)

Miranda Kronfli

I am a Clinical Lecturer (teaching) in Medical Education, with a focus on Postgraduate learning for Healthcare Professionals across all disciplines. I am a passionate advocate of clinical educators as role models for equality, diversity and inclusion and take every opportunity to advance this cause in my teaching and curriculum design work. As Quality Lead for UCLMS Postgraduate Taught programmes, I have a particular interest in Awarding Gaps and Differential Attainment and Accessibility in postgraduate education.
My teaching roles include: Module Lead for supervision, assessment, and research methods modules on the MSc in Health Professions Education; Dissertation Supervisor and Personal Tutor for the MSc HPE, and MSc Medical Education programmes; and Programme co-lead for the ISLA GP Clinical Supervision Course. 
Prior to joining UCL Medical School in 2017, I had a background in Palliative Medicine, and education research. I am currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education, researching supervision and learning in the workplace for postgraduate health professionals.  

Eleanor Nash (staff)

I am a clinical lecturer (teaching) in the UCLMS Undergraduate Team.  I am passionate about the wellbeing of healthcare professionals and welfare of students, and believe it is important that we’re encouraged to care for ourselves along with everyone else.

I hope the work with the Disability, Health and Wellbeing committee continues to promote the importance health and wellbeing for students and staff, and make positive changes for everyone to benefit; 

Safiyyah Patel (staff) 

Antonia Rich (staff)

I am Associate Professor in Medical Education. One of my main research interests is the mental health, work-life balance and wellbeing of doctors and medical students.

I joined the EDI committee when it formed in February 2019 and wanted to be part of the sub-committee Disability, Health and Wellbeing. I hope the work of our committee will raise the importance of disability, health and wellbeing issues and change the work and learning environment in a positive way to maximise staff and students’ health and wellbeing.

Milou Silkens (staff)

Milou Silkens

I am a Research Fellow in medical education.

I joined the EDI committee and the sub-committee Disability, Health and Wellbeing in October 2019 to celebrate and improve diversity in staff, students and education.

As a member of the EDI committee I hope to contribute to a more productive, holistic and fun work and learning environment for staff and students.

Emma Thompsett (staff)

Emma Thompsett

I am a Clinical Skills Tutor at UCLMS. My role is centred around clinical and professional skills teaching across all six years of the MBBS undergraduate medical programme. 

I joined the EDI Disability, Health and Wellbeing sub-committee in January 2021. I am passionate about promoting good mental health and wellbeing amongst staff and students alike.

I truly believe that good mental health and wellbeing allows us to reach our potential, cope with stressful life events, and work productively. I hope that my involvement with the EDI committee will help to bring about some positive change across both undergraduate and professional environments.

Fernanda Fenn Torrente (5th Year student)

Fernanda Fenn Torrente

I’m very glad to be part of the EDI committee because I think medicine has a way to go in becoming an inclusive, both for staff and patients.

My specific area of interest is intellectual disabilities, something which I dedicated a lot of time to during my iBSc in Medical Anthropology and have been personally involved with throughout my life. I am an advocate for those with intellectual disabilities and I want to try to help shape the way we are taught about intellectual disabilities here at UCL.

During my time with the EDI team I am also keen to find out more about medical students' experiences of going through medical school with a disability or mental health condition and am happy to be contacted about this at any time to discuss!