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Disability, Health & Wellbeing

The Disability, Health and Wellbeing (DHW) subgroup aims to make UCL’s learning and work environments supportive of all students’ and staffs’ physical and mental health and wellbeing.

The DHW subgroup values learning and work environments that not only support the physical health of those learning and working at UCL, but also allow good mental health and wellbeing. The subgroup recognised that students and staff will be most likely to fulfil their potential when they feel healthy and engaged at work. 

The subgroup recognises that some students and staff may struggle with their health and wellbeing, especially those students or staff that have a disability.

The DHW subgroup is therefore committed to:

  1. increase awareness of DHW issues;
  2. address DHW issues by reviewing and impacting UCL’s policies and procedures and curricula; and
  3. achieve a culture change in which people feel safe to talk about DHW issues and in which people with DHW issues feel supported. 


Overarching aims of the DHW subgroup

  • To ascertain the needs of staff and students affected by disability, health, and wellbeing issues on an ongoing basis, so that we can tailor improvement projects/events more appropriately. 
  • To support students and staff through the following activities: 
    • Promoting DHW Initiatives at UCL: To annually promote/mark/support national and/or local initiatives;
    • Resources for staff and students: To create and maintain an updated online resource list for students and staff, signposting services and resources which will help any student or staff member who is currently experiencing mental health issues, physical health issues, disability, or who wishes to improve their wellbeing;
    • Teaching and Learning: Identify opportunities for faculty development or within undergraduate curriculum to promote DHW related issues.
  • To formulate a “best practice” approach/model that can be easily implemented within the medical school. 

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