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Personal Tuition Information

This is an unofficial collection of information relating to Personal Tuition.

Please make sure you keep your address, phone number etc up to date on the College system. Read email sent to your UCL e-mail address (you can set up forwarding to an alternative e-mail address if you wish) and register with a GP that you can access easily.

Personal Tutor meetings are "conditionally confidential" which means that discussions are kept confidential unless there is an important safety issue or breach of academic regulations. Notes are no longer kept regarding meetings, but information can be fed back to the Medical School if the student wishes.

If health or other issues are likely to affect your marks on a course then please seek advice. Address these problems early and do not wait until course deadlines or exams have passed.

You might ask a Personal Tutor to provide a reference - for example MBBS students might wish to do some volunteer work, or a research project during a holiday. The more you have discussed these aspects with a Personal Tutor, the more relevant a reference they can provide.

I advise students to see the course as a marathon, and not a series of sprints. Try to stay on top of material and not fall behind. Don't wait until the last minute before submitting coursework / portfolios etc. If your work has to uploaded electronically, especially through TurnitIn, I recommend keeping an exact copy and checking the upload has worked. If there are problems, e-mail the tutor before the deadline. 

Don't forget to backup work done on a computer - there is a reasonable chance of breakdown/theft over the duration of the MBBS course. There are plenty of options such as the networked UCL N: drive, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive (available through UCL) and external USB memory. Be aware that the BT Cloud service may delete your files if you don't use it for 90 days.

The Student Wellbeing and Student Centre sections of the UCL Current Students page has useful links including Crisis Support. There is some further information on the Student and Registry Services page.

Medical School students sometimes speak well of LAPT and support from mentors in the year above. Medical school students also have access to a web site for Medical School Student Support, Fitness to Practise, Personal Tutors, Financial Support, NHS Bursaries, Occupational Health and Medical Student Societies.