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LAPT ( London Agreed Protocol for Teaching ) is a system developed by me (Tony Gardner-Medwin) in the 1990s at UCL, as a learning tool for physiology students in London universities and medical schools. It has expanded substantially since then, into new fields and with the principles of Certainty-Based Marking incorporated into software and assessment strategies in other institutions and to a limited extent in Moodle. I am retired now, and have shifted hosting of London use (mainly UCL & Imperial) to a single website, with the links from students or VLEs (Blackboard-Learn, Moodle) handled by CBM Selftests, where open access exercises are also available.

Certainty-Based Marking (CBM)   CBM aims to improve both the reliability of computer-based assessment and the effectiveness of student selftests as learning tools. Both issues are addressed in my teaching publications. Briefly, CBM promotes deeper thinking in order to get high marks. Students benefit by seeking related aspects of their knowledge that may bear on a particular question, and using these to make a sound judgement about how certain or uncertain they should be that their preferred answer is correct. Conventional systems award equal credit to correct answers arising from sound knowledge or from lucky guesses. This is simplistic, inefficient and unjust as a means of assessing knowledge, and worst of all, in the context of study it encourages acceptance of superficial ways of thought as being adequate. Further explanation is given at CBM Selftests.
Certainty-based Marking
Selftests for Efficient Home Study in the 'New Normal'   CBM Selftests were designed to encourage and improve student home-working. They help shift some basic elements of tutorial-style teaching (e.g. questions requiring careful thought) away from the need for face-to-face interaction, which has now become quite problematic and expensive in staff time. Several features of CBM Selftests make them different from conventional VLE or distance-learning strategies, and this may help with the problems arising with Covid-19:
** Images used in questions or explanations are currently downloaded as and when encountered. But if student internet connections are unreliable, separate download en bloc is possible for uninterrupted home work.

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