Centre for Medical Imaging



The Centre hosts academic clinical fellowships for post MB BS specialist trainees in Radiology. ACFs spend 25% of their time developing research skills allowing future application to full-time PhD research fellowships.

Formal special study modules in radiology are available for undergraduates in their first, second and final years of medical training at UCL. All radiologists (those with and without academic contracts) provide ongoing formal and informal training in Radiology for undergraduate MB BS students rotating through their specialist clinical firms within University College London Hospital. See the Centre for Imaging & Clinical Anatomy for more details.

Year 1 Student Selected Component

[296a] - Radiological Anatomy

Year 2 Student Selected Component

[304]  - Medical Imaging Research

Year 6 Student Selected Components

Students undertake a 4 week block within the Centre for Medical Imaging where they are given an introduction to different radiological modalities and provided intensive radiological MB BS preparatory teaching based on the medical student syllabus developed by the Royal College of Radiologists. 
[UCLH115] - MBBS Clinical Radiology 
[UCLH079] - Oncological Imaging
[UCLH074] - Clinical Audit and Quality Improvement in Medical Imaging

Personal Tuition: MBBS and MSc in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition

Members of the Centre for Medical Imaging provide personal tuition to about 30 MBBS and MSc students within the Division of Medicine.