UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing



We are a group of academic staff, research staff and research students with close links with clinical Partners.


Academic Staff

Professional Services Staff


Research Students

CMIC is an umbrella for several related and strongly interacting groups including:

The UCL Centre for Inverse Problems

Machine Learning and Neuroimaging Lab

The Microstructure Imaging Group MIG

Progression of Neurodegenerative Disease POND

Radiotherapy group

Surgical Robot Vision Research Group

Computer Assisted Navigation, Diagnosis and Intervention CANDI

Computer Assisted (COMPASS) Surgery Group

Breast imaging group




Committees and representatives:

Board of directors: Professor Daniel Alexander, Professor Simon Arridge, Professor Frederik Barkhof, Professor Dean Barratt, Dr Matthew Clarkson, Professor David Hawkes, Professor Janaina Mourao-Miranda, Professor Geoff Parker, Professor Danail Stoyanov.

Core Members: Professor Daniel Alexander, Professor Simon Arridge, Professor David Hawkes, Andre Altmann, Professor Frederik Barkhof, Professor Dean Barratt, Marta Betcke, Matthew Clarkson, Dominique Drai, Ivana Drobjnak, Ron Gaston, Yipeng Hu, Eugenio Iglesias, Joe Jacob, Baris Kanber, Jamie McClelland, Professor Janaina Mourao-Miranda, Neil Oxtoby, Marco Palombo, Laura Panagiotaki, Professor Geoff Parker, Ferran Prados Carrasco, Bojidar Rangelov, Professor Danail Stoyanov, Carole Sudre, Professor Kris Thielemans, Catarina Veiga, Sjoerd Vos, Professor Gary Zhang.

Student representative: Bojidar Rangelov.

Post-doc representative: Baris Kanber.

Research Manager: Ron Gaston.

Administrator: Dominique Drai.

PA and Office Administrator: Jeremy Baker.

Social committee: Alessia Atzeni, Dominique Drai, Fabio Ferreira, Noemi Gyori, Rica Mengoudi, Hugh Pemberton, Adam Szmul

CMIC-WEISS joint seminar series committee: Ross Callaghan, Adria Casamitjana, Yipeng Hu, Anna Schroder, Francisco Vasconcelos, Cemre Zor, Jeremy Baker, Evans Mazomenos