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The Radiotherapy Image Computing Group (RTIC)

At RTIC we develop advanced image processing methodologies for radiotherapy applications. Our overarching aim is to exploit medical imaging to enable more accurate and safer radiotherapy treatments.


About us

RTIC is a multi-disciplinary team, made up of physicists, computer scientists, and engineers at UCL. The team is composed of academics, postdoctoral researchers, PhD and MSc students from the UCL Department of Medical Physics. We have UK-wide collaborations with staff at UCLH, Kings College London and the National Physics Laboratory. 

RTIC is affiliated with the Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC), the Proton and Advanced Radiotherapy (PART) group and the Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences (WEISS) at UCL.

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  • Modelling intra- and inter-fractional anatomical changes for planning, guiding, and monitoring radiotherapy treatment of lung and H&N patients 
  • Developing adaptive radiotherapy guidelines for UK centers based on image guidance techniques
  • Image analysis for disease modelling and investigation of dose-outcome relationships in patients with Radiation-Induced Lung Damage (RILD)
  • Building a safe and reliable data sharing platform for radiotherapy imaging
  • Developing low-rank based motion model based on con-beam CT projection images as well as methodology to integrated motion fitting, surrogate optimization and image reconstruction
  • Improve the accuracy of patient dose information using MC techniques, enabling in this way accurate risk modelling and prediction of radiation induced second cancers for paediatric patients 
  • 3D-Printed phantoms for quality assurance in paediatric radiotherapy


Software projects

  • CT-based imaging biomarkers
    The RILD biomarkers project consists of set of image analysis tools to quantify radiation-induced lung damage (RILD) for academic research use.

    Project page: https://github.com/CMIC-RT/RILD_biomarkers

  • cid-X: XCAT DVF post processing and inverse computation
    Consistent and invertible deformation vector fields for a breathing anthropomorphic phantom: a post-processing framework for the XCAT phantom.

    Project page: https://github.com/UCL/cid-X

  • SuPReMo: Surrogate Parametrised Respiratory Motion Modelling
    Implementation of the unified motion modelling and image registration framework.

    Project page: https://github.com/UCL/SuPReMo


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