UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing



CMIC was established in 2005 to provide an interface between engineering and biomedical sciences.

What are the Centre's main aims?

The UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) aims to impact on key medical challenges facing 21st-century society through world-leading research on medical imaging, image analysis, and image-based modelling technologies and applications. CMIC aims to provide resources, leadership, mentoring, and career development for all its members, as well as a collaborative research environment with high national and international visibility.

A core principle of the Centre is to cover the complete imaging pathway, from basic numerical techniques to application-driven software systems. This provides close communication along this pathway, which focuses early-stage development on real problems and ensures that front-line systems use the latest underlying technology. Our wide set of medical application areas enables us to draw inspiration from existing topics and solve challenges in emerging applications.

Who are we?

CMIC is primarily a joint venture between the UCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering and the UCL Department of Computer Science. However, the Centre includes active members from over 10 UCL departments across four faculties (medicine, life sciences, and engineering), as well as many affiliated internal and external partners.

Inside CMIC videos

Inside CMIC is a series of bite-size videos showcasing how CMIC enables innovations in engineering, computing, and imaging science to impact medical practice and patients’ lives.

Inside CMIC 01: An overview of CMIC from our Director. 
How can a group of computer scientists help shape the future of medicine?

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Inside CMIC 03: 
Developing the next generation of quantitative imaging methods to look further into the living human body.

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Inside CMIC 05:

How do we use physics and mathematics to see inside the human body?

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Inside CMIC 02: 
How computer scientists teach MRI machines to find cancerous cells.

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Inside CMIC 04: 
Imaging biomarkers - quantifying health and disease using images

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Inside CMIC 06:

Using computers to help plan, deliver, and follow-up image-guided interventions of the future.

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