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Wellbeing Support in the Faculty of Life Sciences

Throughout your studies at UCL you'll be able to access guidance from our Faculty of Life Sciences Wellbeing Support Advisers and our First Year Student Advisers.

If you have problems that affect your wellbeing (such as depression, anxiety, stress, medical, financial or personal problems), it is important that you receive help as soon as possible. This page is designed to give you information about how to find help for long term problems that affect your studies/attendance and how to apply for short term solutions to unexpected extenuating circumstances (ECs) that affect your ability to sit exams or meet coursework requirements. Check the information below to find out about the type of help we can provide to support you in your studies.

Meet The Team:

Throughout your studies at UCL you'll be able to access guidance from our Faculty of Life Sciences Wellbeing Team. The team is comprised of two Faculty Student Wellbeing Advisers and four Student Advisers, the latter of which are the main point of call for Year One undergraduate students.

Faculty of Life Sciences Student Wellbeing Advisers (SWAs)

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Henny Green

Sukh Thiara

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Henny Green and Sukh Thiara are your Student Wellbeing Advisers in the Faculty of Life Sciences.

Their aim is to support all students (from second - fourth year UG, PGT, to PGR) across the Faculty and to enhance your experience. They work closely with the divisions and centres within the Faculty and UCL Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW)

To contact one of the Student Wellbeing Advisers, please email FLS.Studentwellbeing@ucl.ac.uk

Drop In sessions are also available, where you can chat to a Student Wellbeing Adviser in person.

Faculty of Life Sciences Student Advisers (SAs)

Angela Gichane

Joe Kilbride

Paige Lewis

Sara Simms

Student Advisers are the key contact for all first year undergraduate students for any wellbeing, support and student experience matters. They host supportive conversations and workshops throughout the year.

Angela, Joseph, Paige and Sara are your Student Advisers for the Division of Biosciences and the School of Pharmacy. You can find out more about them here.

To meet with a student adviser, use this MS Bookings Link.

To send a message or question to a Student Adviser:

  1. Log in to askUCL and click on the 'ask a question' button
  2. Scroll to the 'Life at UCL' category
  3. Click on 'Contact My Student Adviser (1st yr undergrad only)' and log an enquiry.