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Where can I study? Please use this webpage to find the library or study space for you, and the facilities that are available. You can also check the opening hours and how many spaces are available at the moment.

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More information

Level of study

The majority of our libraries and study spaces are available to all students, whether you are an undergraduate student (BA, BSc…), a postgraduate taught student (MA, MSc…), or a postgraduate research student (PhD…).

However, Senate House Hub is only accessible to postgraduate research students (PhD…). Level 4 of the Science Library also contains the Research Grid, which is also reserved for postgraduate students. The Graduate Hub, not represented on this map but located next to the Print Room Café in the South Junction, is also reserved for postgraduate students only.

Group Study

Group study spaces allow you to work collaboratively with other students. Unlike other areas of our libraries, you will be able to talk as long as others aren’t disrupted.

Some of our group study spaces can be booked in advance by UCL students, please see Bookable Study Space Help for more information.

Laptop Loan

Some of our libraries provide laptops that UCL students can borrow from the self-service cabinets at any time when the library site is open. You can use your UCL ID card to activate the laptop cabinet, and then follow the instructions on the touch screen.

Laptops may be borrowed for 24 hours, with loans on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday running until 10:00 on the following Monday.

Please see UCL Laptop Loans for more information.


Some libraries provide lockers that UCL students can use when the library is open to store personal belongings securely. You can use your UCL ID card to book a locker, following the instructions on the touch screen.

  • Lockers loaned before 08:00 (Monday to Friday) must be emptied by 22:00 the same day.
  • Lockers loaned after 08:00 (Monday to Thursday) must be emptied by 10:00 the following day.
  • Lockers loaned after 08:00 on Friday (and anytime on Saturday or Sunday) can be held until the following Monday at 10:00.

Please see UCL Library Lockers for more information.

IT Service Desk

IT Services Desks are available in three locations on the Bloomsbury campus. These desks will allow UCL students to speak directly to a member of staff about IT queries. Please note that the opening hours for the IT Service desks may be shorter than the opening hours for the library itself.

For more information on help and support available at UCL for IT issues, please see ISD's IT Help and Support.

Water Fountains

UCL is committed to making free drinking water accessible for students, and we are in the process of increasing the number of water fountains across campus. Most of our libraries provide a water fountain, either inside the library itself or nearby in the same building.

Locate a fountain

Cafés Nearby

We know that it is important to be able to access food and drink when you are studying so that you can keep up your energy. For many of our libraries, there are cafés located within the same building, and some are located within the library itself.

The UCL Student Union provide four cafés on the Bloomsbury campus.

There are also some other locations on the Bloomsbury campus for food and drink.

Contemplation Spaces

UCL provide several spaces for contemplation, meditation and prayer. Some of these spaces are available in the same building as our libraries so that you will not need to travel far to access them during your studies.

Wheelchair Accessibility

UCL endeavours to ensure that our buildings are accessible to all. However, due to the physical layout some library sites are not fully accessible to wheelchair users or those with mobility difficulties. In many cases, this is because there is no safe evacuation route in case of emergencies, other than using the stairs. Only specially adapted lifts should be used during a fire.

If you are planning to make regular use of a Library site and are not able to use stairs in case of emergency, please ensure that the building is included as part of your Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).

The libraries listed on the map as wheelchair accessible have at least one area that can be accessed by all, and safely evacuated in case of emergency. However, some other areas may not be accessible, so please visit our full guide to the accessibility of our libraries for more information.

The webpage also contains information regarding adjustments that we can make to our services to ensure that any barriers to study or research are removed. If you would like to contact us about any issue related to accessibility in our libraries, please contact us at lib-accessibility@ucl.ac.uk.

Air Cooling

A number of our libraries have air cooling systems in place to help you cope with the heat and offer a more comfortable environment for you to work in. In hot weather, we also encourage all students to carry a bottle of water at all times and to take regular breaks from study.

Please see information on the libraries that have air cooling systems, and where in the building these are active.