Library Services


UCL users

Information on library membership for current UCL students and staff.

Degree level students and full contract staff (including honorary staff)

Degree level students and "full contract" staff (including Honorary Staff) are eligible to use and borrow books from the various Library sites but must:

  • Be properly registered with the appropriate central body (eg. Registry for students, UCL HR for staff)
  • Have obtained a valid UCL ID card from UCL Security Services
  • Bring their valid UCL ID each time they visit

Registration for such UCL students and staff is completed automatically, without the need for a specific library registration application. An appropriate record is loaded into Library Services computer systems from the relevant central body. UCL ID cards come complete with a library barcode on the reverse and this is again loaded into the record the night after the card is collected, meaning no separate library registration is required.

Writing-up and re-sitting students

If a student requires access to the Library beyond the expiry date of their current student record an extension request should be made via their Department. Their Department will contact the Faculty Office who in turn can liaise with UCL Student Records to agree an extension date. Once in place, a new card can be collected from Security Services. No separate Library registration is required.

Interrupting students

Interrupting students retain remote access to electronic resources during their period of interruption. However their current student status is suspended, as is their student ID card.

Visitors to UCL departments

Access to UCL Library Services can be arranged for most visitors to UCL academic departments. Such visitors should be appropriately recorded on the UCL Services System by the relevant departmental staff member, who will allocate the appropriate title and duration to the visitor. Registration via the Services System also allows Departmental Administrators to request the required UCL ID cards, plus any additional services (such as computer access, telephone access etc) at the same time as arranging library access.

Once a registration is made, an appropriate record is loaded into the Library Services computer systems from the Services System. UCL Visitor ID cards come complete with a library barcode on the reverse and this is again loaded into the record; no separate library registration is required. Visitors can collect their ID card from Security Services once the Services System request has been processed.

People with Departmental Visitor status are granted reference only access to the UCL Library collections as part of their services system registration. Departmental Services System users can request borrowing access for the visitor and options to request borrowing access become available from the "request services" menu, where appropriate. Such requests are transmitted to the Library Membership Services staff for confirmation.

For further details for the applicant, please contact the Departmental Personal Administrator at the Department you are visiting.

For further details for Departmental Administration staff, please see The UCL Services System.

Short-course, continuing education and summer school students

Students on UCL-run short courses, continuing education courses or summer schools will either be registered as UCL students or Departmental Visitors as above. This status will be determined by their Department / Faculty. No separate library registration is required.

Prospective students with a place at UCL

The Library does not register prospective students as external visitors, so we are not able to grant them physical access until they are enrolled and have received their UCL ID card.

If the prospective student has a specific need to access the Library before enrolment they can contact their Department or Centre. The Department or Centre can then create a departmental visitor record on the Services System if they decide that it is necessary.

The registration of departmental visitors is discretionary; prospective students have no automatic entitlement to obtain a UCL ID card or to have access to the Library until they are fully enrolled.