Library Services


Commercial users

Information for commercial users wishing to gain access to UCL libraries.

Special rates are charged to people who wish to access UCL libraries to carry out work in connection with their employment, be it for a company, charity, or other organisation. 

Commercial users can apply for a one-day pass for £15 by completing an online application in advance of visiting the library.

When applying for membership, please allow at least two working days for your application to be processed before you intend to visit the library. 

Please note that we cannot offer external users’ access to our databases and other electronic resources. 

If you wish to make photocopies of material during your visit, please contact copyright@ucl.ac.uk for advice and further details. 

To apply

To apply for membership, applicants must complete the online registration form and attach:

  1. A passport style photo (colour, facing camera).
  2. A photo/scan of proof of home address (for instance, a valid driving license or recent utility bill).

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