Library Services


UCL Departmental Visitors

Your UCL Library membership will expire once your UCL visitor association ends, and you may lose access to our services and facilities if a new association is not due to start.

Please note that if you are moving between associations your membership will be updated automatically, and access will be restored on the start date of the new association. This includes visitors moving to staff contracts, moving to an Honorary Staff association, or moving to a new visitor association.

Access to our libraries and study spaces

After your visitor association at UCL ends, your UCL visitor ID will expire and will no longer provide access to our libraries and study spaces. Please contact your department if you still need access to libraries and study spaces. They may be able to re-register you as a departmental visitor.

Borrowing/Click and Collect

If you currently have borrowing rights, after your visitor association ends you will no longer be able to borrow books from our libraries or place Click and Collect requests.

Manual and automatic loan renewals

Any books that you have on loan must be returned before your visitor association ends, as after this date books will not renew automatically, and you will be unable to extend the expiry date manually. If books are not returned, you may incur overdue fines.