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Special Collections Service Standard

Contacting us? We aim to respond to enquirers in a timely manner.

UCL Special Collections aims to respond to enquirers within specified periods, as follows:

Type of enquiryTime to respond
Appointments to visit Special Collections5 working days
Collection enquiries (on-site material)5 working days
Collection enquiries (off-site material)20 working days
Photographic orders and permissions20 working days

Appointments to visit Special Collections

We aim to respond to visitor requests in order of receipt and within five working days. Please note that, as many of our collections are currently stored off-site, a minimum of two weeks' notice in advance of your proposed visit is required.

For further information, including restrictions on the amount of material that can be consulted please see our Visiting us page.

Collection enquiries

We are able to provide enquirers and researchers with information about our holdings.

For enquiries that we can answer without the need to consult off-site material, we aim to respond within 5 working days.

For enquiries that require us to access material that is stored off-site, we aim to respond within 20 working days.

Photographic orders and permissions

We aim to respond to all photographic orders and permissions enquiries within 20 working days. Please look at our Photographic & Publications page for further information about the services we provide.

Research enquiries

Unfortunately, we are unable to carry out detailed research on your behalf. We will happily provide you with information about our collections and, if appropriate, arrange an appointment for you to consult it.