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Photography and Publication

Information on how to acquire copies of images held by UCL Special Collections and the costs and copyright rules when using them.

Selecting an Image

Selection of Special Collections images
  • A large number of images can be found at the UCL Digital Collections.
  • Many of our images are not yet available online. If you are unable to locate a particular image on the gallery, contact us at to see if it is available.
  • High-resolution images are not available online. Requests for these can be made by contacting Special Collections by e-mail
  • All images on this site are protected by copyright. They may be copied to your own computer for personal study or research but may not be distributed, re-used in any way or broadcast without written permission from Library Services at UCL.

Publishing Images

Selection of Special Collections images
  • All enquiries regarding publication of items from the archives, including reprographic orders, must be placed using the form and emailing the relevant reading room enquiry service.
  • Researchers are reminded that the onus for satisfying the legal requirements of the Copyright Act rests with them. The applicant must either submit a written authorisation from the copyright holder, or provide proof that a reasonable attempt has been made to provide such permission. Any fee payable to the copyright holder is additional to any fee to UCL Special Collections.