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Photographic orders and publication of images

Information on how to acquire copies of images held by UCL Special Collections and the costs and copyright rules when using them.


Photographic and scanning charges

For high resolution digital images and photographic prints:

Initial Scan Fee:

  • Size up to A5/A4: £6.00 per scan
  • Up to A3: £12.00

Quotations for prints and any other type of photographic service is available on request.

Selecting an image

Selection of Special Collections images

A large number of images can be found in the UCL Digital Collections service. These images are presented under eighteen subject headings and you may choose these headings from the drop-down menu. All items under that heading will be displayed in "thumbnail" size, a few to each page and you may browse backwards and forwards through the pages, viewing any item in more detail by clicking on the thumbnail image. More information about the item is then displayed with the larger image.

No high-resolution images are available online. Requests for high-resolution images can be made by contacting Special Collections by e-mail: spec.coll@ucl.ac.uk

All images on this site are protected by copyright. They may be copied to your own computer for personal study or research but may not be distributed, re-used in any way or broadcast without written permission from Library Services at UCL.

Many of our images are not yet available online. If you are unable to locate a particular image on the gallery, e-mail us at spec.coll@ucl.ac.uk check whether we hold it in our archive.

Publishing images

Selection of Special Collections images

Reproduction fees are for the non-exclusive right to reproduce images in any published form, or for use in television, Film and websites. The reproduction charge applies to one reproduction in a single edition or application. The charges do not include VAT and Special Collections reserves the right to charge a loan service fee for material sent on approval.

Reproduction fees are not copyright fees and payment of a reproduction fee does not connote permission to reproduce copyright material. The onus of tracing copyright in the original material rests with the applicant, who must either submit a written authorisation from the copyright holder, or provide proof that a reasonable attempt has been made to provide such permission. Any fee payable to the copyright holder is additional to any fee to Special Collections.

The reproduction fee is additional to any payment for photographic work done either at Special Collections or at UCL's Media Resources. Special Collections reserves the right to stipulate that the photographing of certain materials to be undertaken by Media Resources.

Periodicals and newspapers

Publication typeSizeSingle language/ Country Rights: UK/ European Union/ North AmericaWorld Rights
Hard/ Softback books (inside)Any size £50.00£90.00
Periodicals/ Newspapers: inside space rateLess the 1/4 page£35.00£70.00
 1/4 page£50.00£100.00
 1/2 page£90.00£180.00
 3/4 page£150.00£300.00
 Full page£200.00£400.00
 Double page£300.00£600.00
Book or magazine cover (and promotional calendar, etc) 1/4 page£20.00£40.00
 1/2 page£45.00£90.00
 Whole page£90.00£180.00

Charges are for one edition only.


 Single language/ Country Rights: UK/ European Union/ North America

World Rights

First use (plus one repeat) £150.00£300.00
Unlimited transmission for 5 years £250.00 £400.00 excl. USA, £500.00 inc. USA
Unlimited transmission for 10 years£400.00 £650.00 excl. USA, £750.00 inc. USA

DVD & Video

 World Rights
DVD/ Video cassette (one edition only)  £250.00 per image, 5 year worldwide 
CD (up to 10,000 units)  £250.00 per image, 5 year worldwide 


 World Rights
1 image - educational rate£35.00 (only if copyright is owned by UCL) 

Discounts and education rates

Discounts can be given for the following reasons:

  • 50% discount for non-profit making organisations.
  • 50% discount for publications with a print run less than 2,000, or distribution limited to a small specialist sector.
  • Multiple use is subject to negotiated discount.

Quotations can be given in writing when specific requirements are given.

Note: Loan fees (handling charges), facilities fees (filming) and photographic/ digital processing costs are separate.