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Planning ahead for Data Management

Here is information on funders' expectations on Research Data Management, what to include in a Data Management Plan and how to cost Data Management.

Planning ahead for Data Management

You will also find resources for writing grant applications.

Knowing funders' policies & expectations

Each funder has its set of expectations regarding Research Data Management. It is essential to be familiar with them when you are drafting your grant application. Please bear in mind that these policies and expectations can change so we advise you to check our up-to-date information each time you are starting a new application. 

You will find up-to-date information in our list of UK and European research funders, along with links to their official documents on Research Data Management & Sharing, an overview of their expectations and help to comply with them.

Writing Data Management Plans

When developing a project or applying for funding you are likely to need a Data Management Plan. This will help you to identify the various decisions that must be made data management throughout your project. To help you write such a plan, we have written detailed guidance.

For more help and advice, contact your Research Data Support Officers who can also review your drafted Data Management Plans (allow 1 to 2 weeks at least before your submission deadline).

Costing data management

Costing Research Data Management forms part of developing your project budget. When you are applying for funding, costing all activities associated with data management is not only helpful but often necessary. 

Most research councils expect grant applicants to estimate costs associated with data management. These costs should be indicated in a Data Management Plan submitted as part of grant applications. 

We have put together key information to help to you anticipate and meet these costs.

Writing grant applications

Grant application advice and support is available for UCL staff. Contact your Research Facilitator for direct help with writing and reviewing applications: help is available for staff in SLASH and the IOE, BEAMS and SLMS. The European Research & Innovation Office can be contacted regarding European-funded grants.

UCL Research Applications services can help in identifying existing UCL research equipment, activity and outputs to include in your project proposal.