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Support for staff

UCL is proud of its world-leading research, and we provide a wide range of resources and opportunities to help our staff develop rewarding academic careers. Here you'll find information about our research facilitation services, our support for impact, advice on funding and grant applications and more.

The Office of the Vice-Provost (Research, Innovation & Global Engagement) oversees a number of programmes and initiatives designed to support researchers at UCL. These include advice and guidance on finding and applying for funding, advice on research policy, supporting researchers with impact, and facilitating new partnerships and collaborations.


Our Research Coordination Teams provide advice, support and guidance on finding and applying for research funding. They also coordinate applications for large-scale funding calls and organise events and training through the UCL Research Domains.

We fund research at UCL through a number of programmes, including the Grand Challenges, Public Policy grants, and Global Research Funding, including ODA funding. We can also offer advice and support to researchers on Research Council-funded projects to ensure they meet reporting requirements through Researchfish. You can also find information about Research Fellowships at UCL here.

UCL Venture Research Fellowship

The Office of the Vice-Provost (Research) also coordinates the UCL Venture Research Fellowship, which recognises researchers whose ideas have the potential to challenge the way we understand critical issues, and enables them to explore crucial questions in an open-ended context. The Venture Research Fellowship aims to identify and support truly exceptional thinkers to transcend conventional research constraints; potential applicants are advised to contact Professor Donald Braben for advice on eligibility and the application process.

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    UCL Doctoral School

    The UCL Doctoral School is committed to ensuring that the quality of research training at UCL is at the highest international level. It aims to ensure that research students and supervisors work in a high quality research training environment.

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    UCL Grand Challenges

    UCL Grand Challenges harnesses the expertise of the UCL community to address complex societal and environmental challenges. Grass-roots and strategic grant schemes support cross-disciplinary, cross-boundary and co-creative collaborations - testing novel research ideas and research-related activities.

    Innovation and Enterprise

    Innovation and Enterprise

    Innovation and Enterprise offer a wide range of support, training and advice on how researchers can build connections between academia and industry.


    UCL Library Services

    UCL Library Services provide a wide range of guidance and access to information to support research staff. They can advise you on finding information, disseminating your research, open access and data management.


    Organisational Development Team

    UCL’s Organisational Development Team offer a wide range of training and development programmes, including the Research Staff Development Programme, Doctoral Skills Development programmes and courses that are open to all staff.

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    Research and Innovation Portal

    Signposting portal with comprehensive guidance and resources for academic, project researchers and professional service staff delivering research and innovation projects.

    Research Impact Curation

    UCL Research Impact Curation & Support

    The UCL Research Impact Curation & Support team provides guidance on research impact, monitors impacts emerging from excellent research at UCL, and manages the main UCL Impact site.

    Research IT Services

    UCL Research IT Services

    UCL Research IT Services help you make the best use of IT when managing and carrying out your research. They provide access to a wide range of IT facilities, advise on research data management and storage, and offer training for research IT skills.

    Research Services

    Research Services

    Research Services offer support and advice on externally funded research, including applying for and managing funding, research contracts, and EU funding.

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