Library Services


What we do

We provide:

  • expert staff to help you get the most from UCL's resources;
  • inspiring spaces for learning (individually and in groups);
  • a vast and rich collection of books, e-resources and journals;
  • access to UCL Special Collections with treasures from UCL's history at the forefront of scientific research;
  • a place to come together and share expertise.

We are a global leader in Open Science policy and implementation. The Office for Open Science and Scholarship co-ordinates work in this area across UCL. The specialist tools we've developed in bibliometrics and data management are helping researchers to exploit data as it becomes available at UCL and supporting UCL researchers to demonstrate the impact of their work.

Last year we supported UCL students and staff, NHS staff and the general public both online and on site ensuring they could access the library resources they needed wherever they were. We also engage staff, students and external audiences through academic teaching sessions, exhibitions, special events, community and school links and social media.

Annual Report, 2021

A student welcome tour inside the UCL Student Centre

In the 2020-21 academic year, we continued to support our users and staff and to innovate and develop new services, keeping some library spaces open and expanding online support thanks to the commitment of our front line and virtual teams. 

Read the 2021 Library Services Annual Report

Highlights from 2021's Annual Report

Click and Collect

4,851 people used our Click and Collect service, ordering 60,079 books.


Scan and Send

We made 8,500 scans for customers.

Online resources

Since the start of the pandemic, we have increased our online collections and now provide access to over 1,000,000 e-books and other types of resource.

Decorative image. UCL now provides access to over 1,000,000 e-books and other types of resource

Physical visits to our libraries and study spaces

We ensured that physical study spaces were available for users to study and work safely on campus throughout the year. The UCL Student Centre welcomed 10,705 visitors.

There were 154,634  total bookings made by 10,705 unique users in the Student Centre from 01/08/2020 to 28/06/2021.


Colleagues from Library Services won many prizes this year, including:

  • Two Provost’s Education Awards in the ‘Outstanding response to teaching or support during the pandemic’ category. John Iona received the individual award and the Library Skills Team received the team award.
  • Noel Caliste, won the Staff Equality Network Member of the Year Award.
  • The Library’s EDI Committee were awarded the Sarah Guise award for Catalyst for Change.
  • 17 Green Impact awards for library teams and an individual “highly commended” UCL Sustainability staff award for Bernadette d’Almeida.

Portraits of the Library EDI Team arranged on illustrated graphic of a laptop

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