Library Services


What we do

We provide:

  • expert staff to help you get the most from UCL's resources
  • inspiring spaces for learning (individually and in groups)
  • a vast and rich collection of books, e-resources and journals
  • access to UCL Special Collections with treasures from UCL's history at the forefront of scientific research
  • a place to come together and share expertise

The specialist tools we've developed in bibliometrics and data management are helping researchers to exploit data as it becomes available at UCL and supporting UCL researchers to demonstrate the impact of their work.

Last year we had more than three million visits to our libraries, including visits from UCL staff and students, NHS staff and the general public. We also engage staff, students and external audiences through academic teaching sessions, exhibitions, special events, community and school links and social media.

Annual Report, 2019

Download the 2018-19 Library Services Annual Report

UCL Library Services Strategy Review 2015-18

Visitors to our libraries

Last year our libraries had over 3.2 million visitors.

Icon, users of our libraries

Online reading lists

65% of taught courses now have an online reading list. We have worked hard with faculties to increase this from 29% three years ago.

Reading Lists, 65%

UCL Press downloads since 2015

UCL Press downloads since June 2015

Increased learning space provision

Our libraries are popular and we have been working hard to add more seats. In 2017-18 we increased learning space provision by 15% to over 4,000 seats.   

Graph showing increase in library study space

Finding available seats in our libraries

Being involved with this new development (introducing a tool to find available study spaces on campus) has been extremely rewarding and I can see how this will really benefit students. […] Now you can see in real time where to find a free study space.

Sarah Al-Aride, Education Officer (2017-18), Students’ Union UCL

Download the full UCL Library Services Strategy Review 2015-18

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