UCL Library, Culture, Collections & Open Science


LCCOS Strategy 2024-2027

LCCOS brings together some 450 staff across libraries, museums, theatre and public engagement. This new strategy will build on our collective successes and enable the flourishing of arts and cultural activities at UCL.

LCCOS is working towards a more open, accessible and impactful knowledge environment within education, research and culture. This work supports the delivery of UCL’s vision for 2034 through its Strategic Plan 2022-2027.

We will open up our rich collections digitally and sustainably to support knowledge creation.

We will continue to show international leadership in Open Science through the application of new technologies and the development of innovative services.

We will lead the development of a vision for arts and culture at UCL.

We will deliver change in collaboration with students, researchers and our other communities, throughout this strategy period.


Library, Culture, Collections and Open Science (LCCOS) energises intellectual and creative cultures, working in partnership with our communities to deliver the mission of UCL, London’s Global University.

To achieve this, we provide outstanding services, resources, spaces and expertise for education and research, as well as supporting the work of our partner NHS Trusts. We are at the heart of UCL’s arts and cultural life for students, staff, partners and the public.

We show international leadership in curating and opening up world-class cultural heritage and research collections, and in pioneering open science to increase UCL’s scholarly impact. By partnering with local and global communities, we help to address society’s grand challenges. We invest in the professional development of our skilled staff, who are committed to service excellence and innovation.


LCCOS embodies the values of UCL:

  • Integrity and mutual accountability
  • Openness and inclusion
  • Care and respect
  • Rigour and innovation

In addition, we seek to:

  • Give agency to our staff and customers;
  • Be transparent in our communication and collaboration;
  • Be committed to proactive service development;
  • Prioritise sustainability in the way we work and develop.