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About UCL Library Services

Our expert staff provide a wide range of physical and digital services, and welcome you to our suite of inspiring learning spaces.

UCL Library Services is part of UCL Library, Culture, Collections and Open Science (LCCOS). It consists of 17 libraries and assorted learning spaces located across London, covering a wide range of specialist subjects ranging from bio-medicine and science to arts, architecture and archaeology, plus learning spaces in the Student Centre, Senate House and the Graduate Hub. Our digital library is one of the best in the world, and we manage UCL Discovery, the institutional repository which enables the world to access our researchers' work for free. We've also started the UK's first completely open access university press, UCL Press. Together, UCL Library Services is at the heart of providing the information to support UCL's academic excellence and research that addresses real-world problems, as set out in the UCL Research Strategy. Read our Mission Statement.

What we provide

  • expert staff to help you get the most from UCL's resources;
  • inspiring spaces for learning (individually and in groups);
  • a vast and rich collection of books, e-resources and journals;
  • access to UCL Special Collections with treasures from UCL's history at the forefront of scientific research;
  • a place to come together and share expertise.

We are a global leader in Open Science policy and implementation. The Office for Open Science and Scholarship co-ordinates work in this area across UCL. The specialist tools we've developed in bibliometrics and data management are helping researchers to exploit data as it becomes available at UCL and supporting UCL researchers to demonstrate the impact of their work.

We support UCL students and staff, NHS staff and the general public both online and on site ensuring they can access the library resources they need wherever they are. We also engage staff, students and external audiences through academic teaching sessions, exhibitions, special events, community and school links and social media.

Annual Report, 2022

Interior of SSEES Library

In the 2021-22 academic year, we continued to support our users and partners, acting as a vital hub connecting people, ideas and information, and creating impact around UCL and beyond, thanks to the commitment of our front line and virtual teams.

Read the 2022 LCCOS Annual Report

Highlights from 2022's Annual Report

Library usage

You visited our libraries and study spaces more than 3 million times in 2022. In return, we purchased 929,658 e-books from which 4,580,885 chapters were downloaded.

Requesting library items

We completed 5,376 scan and send requests and 48,838 click and collect requests.

Skills support

You raised 5,338 queries via our LibChat service. 3,666 users attended our online and face-to-face training sessions and our online skills guides received 1,234,332 visits.  

Special Collections

Our Special Collections team helped deliver 113 teaching sessions, attended by 2,147 students. In total, more than 375 hours of teaching were undertaken, creating 4,485 hours of student learning.

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