Library Services


Service Charter

Our service charter represents our agreement with you to provide a high-quality customer service.

Student being assisted at the student help point desk inside the Student Centre
Library staff are committed to providing high-quality customer service delivered in partnership with you. We value and respect our diverse range of users and this charter represents our agreement with you.

Our commitment to you:

  • We aim to deliver a user-friendly and approachable service with your needs at the heart of what we do.
  • We will treat you with courtesy, fairness and respect.
  • We will maintain a welcoming environment and strive to provide a service which is accessible to all, with a variety of spaces conducive to different learning needs across UCL Library Services.
  • We will provide an outstanding range of resources using our expertise and specialist services to help you to make the most of them.
  • We will keep you updated regularly on the services that we offer and will communicate with you promptly and effectively.
  • We will actively seek and listen to your feedback, and we will collaborate with you to continually evaluate our service and find ways to improve.

Your commitment to us:

  • To treat other users and library staff with respect and courtesy, and to behave in a considerate and appropriate manner.
  • To choose a suitable space for your needs and the needs of those around you, and to be respectful of the library premises, collections, and resources.
  • To carry your UCL ID or Library Membership card whenever you use the library and to check your UCL email on a regular basis.
  • To familiarise yourself with and follow the Library Rules and Regulations and the UCL Code of Conduct, and to respect opening hours and food and drink policies.
  • To use the range of services appropriate to your needs and talk to us when you need help with library resources and facilities.
  • To suggest ways we can improve and to tell us when we do not live up to our commitments so we can work together to put it right.

Help us to be the best we can be:

We are always looking for ways to develop and enhance our service. Your feedback is valuable to us so that we can improve our standards in partnership with you.

Connect with us and let us know what you think.

August 2016