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Library regulations

Regulations of UCL Library Services. All regulations, penalties and sanctions are traditionally approved by the UCL Library Committee.

For the period of the current pandemic, the Pro-Vice-Provost (UCL LCCOS - Library, Culture, Collections, Open Science & Scholarship) has been empowered to make any necessary changes to the Regulations to ensure the safety of staff and users in UCL Library Services.

At some of our sites stricter restrictions may still apply and we ask everyone to comply with any additional measures that are in force locally.

Last updated:  April 2022

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1. All regulations, penalties and sanctions are approved by the UCL Library Committee.

2. The Pro-Vice-Provost (UCL LCCOS - Library, Culture, Collections, Open Science & Scholarship) or the Pro-Vice-Provost's representative are empowered to enforce all regulations listed below.

3. Sanctions and penalties can be applied for breaches of these regulations (see Appendix A below).

Admission to the Library

4. You must have a valid UCL Identity Card or a UCL Library Services Visitor Card to gain admission to the Library.

5. Such identification must be your own, and you must show it in the Library upon demand by a Library representative.

6. The categories of people entitled to register as borrowers (including reading privileges) and those entitled to register only as readers are listed on our membership pages

Use of the Library (including computer cluster rooms)

7. Respect quiet areas and do not disturb other Library users.

8. Mobile devices

  • Calls can only be taken or made in designated areas (for details check site information).
  • Mobile equipment must be in silent mode, including key clicks, in quiet study areas.

9. Food and drink

Allowed only in designated areas:

  • hot and cold drinks in containers with a lid or cap

Not allowed:

  • drinks in open containers
  • hot food

10. Library representatives have the right to search bags brought into the Library.

11. Laboratory coats may not be brought into the Library.

12. Any damage to Library property will result in fines and sanctions.

Use of Collections

13. Items must be issued before they are removed from the Library; it is the user's responsibility to ensure items are issued.

14. You may only use your own Library ID card to borrow books and other loanable materials.

15. The Library's publicity materials state the number, types of items and loan periods for which items may be borrowed.

16. Items may be recalled from loan. The borrower of such an item must return it within the time specified in the recall notice, even if it has been taken out of the country.

17. All items borrowed must be returned to the Library you borrowed them from; you are responsible for the items until they are returned.

18. The Library may at their discretion refuse to issue any item.

19. You may be liable to pay a fine if you return items late. The Library's publicity materials state the rates.

20. If you have not responded to reminders for the return of an overdue item (normally three), Library staff will assume that it is lost.

21. If you lose or damage an item you have borrowed, you must pay the full cost of its replacement or repair. (If an item is stolen whilst in your possession and you are able to provide a crime report number, a replacement charge will not be made.)

22. You may not remove certain items from the Library, and may only use some in designated areas of the Library.

23. In the case of a manuscript or item of particular value, you must complete and sign the appropriate reference ticket; you are responsible for such items as long as the ticket remains unexpired.

24. You may only use the Library's photocopying, computing and other audiovisual facilities subject to the provisions of relevant legislation, including the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, EC Directives 93/98, 96/9 and 2001/29 (implemented by SI 1995/3297, 1997/3032 and 2003/2498) and the Computer Misuse Act 1990, UCL's Computing Regulations, and the licence agreements in place for particular materials.

25. The Regulations apply also to items obtained for you from other Libraries.


26. The UCL family of libraries includes:

  • UCL Bartlett Library
  • UCL Cruciform Hub
  • UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Library
  • UCL Institute of Archaeology Library
  • UCL Institute of Orthopaedics Library
  • UCL IOE Library
  • Joint Moorfields Eye Hospital & the Institute of Ophthalmology Library
  • UCL Language & Speech Science Library
  • UCL Main Library
  • UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, Queen Square Library
  • Royal Free Hospital Medical Library
  • UCL School of Pharmacy Library
  • UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies Library
  • UCL Science Library
  • UCL Special Collections
  • Student Centre
  • Wickford Store (not open to users)

27. The Libraries will be open as posted. In extreme cases such as severe weather or transport strikes, the Library reserves the right to close at short notice.

28. This set of Library Regulations form part of the Regulations for UCL; they supersede all earlier sets of Regulations for the use of UCL's family of libraries.

29. All persons using the Library shall be subject to these Regulations, to which users agree:

  • students, in signing UCL's enrolment form, thereby agree to abide by the Library's Regulations
  • on employment as a member of staff in UCL
  • on completion of a valid membership form as an external user

30. The Regulations will be displayed on our website

31. Items brought into the Library that break regulations will be confiscated and may be disposed of.

Appendix A


  • Some or all of your Library privileges, such as borrowing, may be removed, either temporarily or permanently.
  • You may be excluded from the Library, either temporarily or permanently.
  • Fines for late returns of items you borrowed may apply.
  • If the breach of Library Regulations is serious, persistent, or you fail to comply with the terms of a penalty, the following action will be taken:

    • UCL students: You will be reported to the Student and Registry Services and will be dealt with under the UCL Academic Manual - Chapter 6: Student Casework Framework.
    • UCL staff: You will be reported to your Head of Department, who will consider implementing UCL's disciplinary procedures.
    • External users: You will be excluded from the Library and if appropriate, reported to the institution of which you are a member.