UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)


Health & Wellbeing

Adapting to a new city, university and culture can be a challenge. On the UPC, our dedicated health and wellbeing staff provide student support throughout the year.

What support do we offer?

Peter Colebrook, UCL UPC International Foundation Year Health & Wellbeing Advisor

Peter Colebrook is the UPC's dedicated Health & Wellbeing tutor. He’s been helping students with their wellbeing needs since 2015. He’s a trained mental health first-aider and an official UCL wellbeing champion.

He works with UCL’s Student Support & Wellbeing as well as Student Psychological & Counselling Services. This means he can make sure that you’re seen quickly by one of the advisors there, if need be.

He can help you make an appointment with UCL’s dedicated NHS medical practice. The UCL campus is also close to the University College London Hospital (UCLH) emergency department, if you need emergency treatment.

Making an appointment

As well as student mentors and the weekly one-to-one personal tutorials, Peter is available all week to meet with you to discuss student support and wellbeing. You can talk to him about any health or wellbeing issues you might be experiencing. He’ll support and advise you on the best help that we can offer.

Peter has weekly drop-in hours on Thursdays, when you can see him without booking an appointment. He has appointment slots available most days if you want to book in advance.

Students with long-term health issues

UCL operates a system of offering a Summary of Reasonable Adjustments (SoRA). This is for students with long-term health issues that might affect their ability to attend classes, hand in coursework or take assessment. Extenuating Circumstances (EC) is another provision for students with unexpected health issues or other emergencies that might affect their progress.

Our aim is that no student should be disadvantaged by a health issue. If you have a long-standing health issue, you should indicate this in your application or during pre-enrolment. If you do not disclose this pre-enrolment, you should indicate this as early as possible when Term One starts. That way, we can support you as soon as you start the UPC course.

UCL Student Support and Wellbeing

UCL offers an extensive range of services and support, including:

  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Disability support
  • Short-term counselling
  • Healthcare
  • Personal safety
  • UCLcares.

Please see the UCL Student Support and Wellbeing website for more information.