Joint Research Office


Revised UCLH policy for new interventional procedures published

This policy sets out the mandatory requirements with which all staff must comply if they wish to introduce a new interventional procedure to UCLH.

Clinicians must ensure compliance with this policy including where appropriate retrospective applications for any existing interventional procedures which are not registered. This is to ensure patient safety. This policy does not apply to: • interventional procedures that are being used only within a protocol approved by the Joint Research Office. • minor modifications to an existing interventional procedure (see section 10) • introduction of new drug, human tissue related, or non-interventional treatments • training of a UCLH health professional in an interventional procedure that is not new to UCLH, including extension of nursing or allied health professional roles. • use of a new device to conduct an existing interventional procedure provided this does not lead to a major modification in the procedure. • trial of new medical devices (see also section 15).

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