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Careers in research support and business functions in focus

23 November 2023

Career development opportunities in areas which ensure research is well delivered and managed are in focus for the final part of a UCLH and UCL campaign highlighting research careers throughout November.

Visit our Research support and business functions careers pages to find out about entry routes and what it is like to work in these areas.

At UCLH, over 100 people work in these roles, with staff coming from all sorts of backgrounds. These teams:

  • conduct regulatory checks
  • manage research operations
  • assess study finances
  • manage and oversee research budgets
  • review agreements and contracts
  • provide study sponsorship or approved to start
  • assure quality, safety, and data integrity within studies
  • and more.

Entry to each type of career depends on the size and complexity of an organisation’s research.

But depending on an individual’s background, there is often a way into research. For example, research finance professionals often have experience in finance-related roles in comparable sectors.

And professionals working in research operations usually have a background in project management, administration, PA support and document management.

Some areas offer on-the-job training which means that entrants can have a background in other professions.

Read blogs from staff at UCLH and UCL working in research support and business functions:

In the final days of the research careers campaign, the Research Directorate has also launched a Job Shadowing Programme for existing Research Directorate staff.

The job shadowing programme will enable staff to shadow their colleagues or peers to acquire a deeper understanding of different job functions, learn about different work processes, and develop valuable cross-functional skills. This programme aligns with our commitment to nurturing talent, fostering collaboration, and promoting internal mobility.

The Research Directorate will be in touch with staff directly about the scheme.