Joint Research Office


Latest JRO guidance on Brexit issued

14 October 2020

The JRO has updated its guidance and FAQs on Brexit, as the UK approaches the end of the transition period which ends in December 2020.

In the event that the UK and EU do not reach an agreement on a deal, there will be implications for research studies – both sponsored by UCL or UCLH or hosted by UCLH.

We have developed the following documents:

  • Guidance setting out actions to be taken by UCL and UCLH investigators to prepare for the event of ‘no deal’ at the end of the transition period.
  • FAQs for researchers on planning for a possible ‘no deal’.
  • JRO Brexit position statement on UCL clinical trials portfolio.

Researchers who have questions are advised to contact: uclh.jro-communications@nhs.net.