Joint Research Office


Webinar on returning to research when released from NHS work

20 May 2020

A series of webinars are being held in May to help support clinical staff returning to research after being released to work within the NHS .

On the panel to answer questions will be David Lomas (Vice Provost Health), Evelyn Eguridu or Terezia Clarke (HR Business Partnering), Karen Sergiou (Director of Research Services), Pascale Fanning-Tichborne (Strategic Research Facilitator, Research Coordination Office) and Nik Sharma (IAT Lead).  

If you would like to submit your question in advance of the webinar, please send it to vph.covid19@ucl.ac.uk. We are happy to raise these anonymously; please indicate in your email if this is your preference.   

The webinar will be recorded and an FAQs developed from questions that are asked. If you would prefer not to be identified, we are setting up the meeting so that you can join anonymously as follows:  

  • Once you open the Teams link, it will prompt you to enter your name to which you can type anything you want (e.g. Ms X).  
  • If you choose to be anonymous, you should also make sure that your camera is turned off.  

If you find this isn’t working for you and you are joining with your usual UCL login, you can copy the link above into a Google Chrome incognito tab and this will ensure your anonymity. Again, please turn your camera off if you would prefer not to be identified. 

Please note that these webinars are intended to answer the questions arising specifically from clinicians returning to research after release from their academic work to the NHS, not the general return to work for all staff. 

Thursday 28  May, 3 -4pm: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting