Joint Research Office


Trials paused during COVID-19 start to re-open

22 May 2020

UCLH Research Directorate has begun the process of reopening studies that were paused paused during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So far 6 studies, including a therapeutic cancer trial, have been given the green light to restart and sponsors are being informed. Some studies involve data and sample collection while others require no additional hospital visits.

Decisions on restarting trials are based on ensuring the safety of patients and staff and minimal disruption to clinical services, with a particular focus on reducing the number of hospital visits required and the burden on PPE equipment. Capacity and burden on pharmacy and pathology services are also major considerations.

The UCLH process has been developed in consultation with patients. Patients will also sit on the weekly research response group that implemented the policy for pausing 90% of UCLH studies at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak and is now reviewing studies that the UCLH clinical divisions have been asked to identify prioritise for restarting.

Managing Director of Research Dr Nick McNally said: “We have deliberately taken a ‘bottom up’ approach and worked closely with individual clinical divisions to understand their research priorities and capacity for restarting trials”