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HRA amends documents researchers submit for study set up

30 May 2019

The Health Research Authority (HRA) is making changes to some of the documents which researchers submit for HRA review.

The changes will be effective from 5 June for all non-commercial research studies.

This is part of the HRA’s initiative of introducing the UK-wide Local Information Pack for study set-up.

The modified documents are:

-          An Organisation Information Document (a re-branding of the existing Statement of Activities)

-          A delegation log, which used to be part of the Schedule of Events but is now a standalone document

-          A covering letter (which is an HRA template)

-          A modified version of the Schedule of Events / Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Tool (SoECAT)

For more information and to download template documents visit the HRA website and the IRAS website.

For further assistance contact the JRO on uclh.randd@nhs.net.