Joint Research Office


Update for researchers: Training on, and access to, EHRS research functionality at UCLH

30 October 2018

As the 'go live' date for the UCLH Electronic Health Record System (EHRS) approaches in March 2019, the JRO have released the following update for staff regarding training on, and access to, the EHRS: UCLH clinical divisions have been confirming which of their staff will be trained in the various modules within EHRS.

The training lists will have been confirmed by the end of October. Clinical divisions will confirm which staff require training in the research functionality.

The JRO will also provide the EHRS training team with its records on PI's and coordinators.

Researchers conducting research at UCLH and/or having contact with patients, their data and/or their samples should have a UCLH honorary contract. This contract should be logged within the UCLH Electronic Staff Record (ESR). Only those listed on ESR are to be given access to EHRS and to training.

Researchers who do not have an ESR record should discuss this with the clinical division (UCLH) within which their honorary contract was issued. The JRO will contact those researchers issued with research passports.

Students will not be given automatic access to ESR. Discussions will take place with the clinical division and supervisor of the student at the point where NHS approvals are requested. In some cases (particularly students) patients will not be associated in real-time to studies within EHRS. Researchers will be expected to provide recruitment information in other forms.