Joint Research Office


UCLH research studies: preparation required for the EHRS launch

24 August 2018

The JRO will soon be contacting UCLH researchers about preparation they need to do ahead of the roll out of our new electronic health records system (EHRS).

All active research studies at UCLH at go-live will appear on EHRS, and all patients participating in these studies will be identified as such within their records. In order to ensure all patients are linked up to the relevant studies, researchers will need to begin compiling participant lists for UCLH patients, and the JRO will soon be requesting this information from PIs.

Participant lists must include:

- the research participant's ID

- the hospital number

- their NHS number

- milestone dates (primarily the consent date).

The JRO will request participant lists to the end of September 2018. We will request updated information at 2 further points between October 2018 and March 2019.

Researchers will have specific research-level access to their study records.

Research teams are also asked to ensure completion of delegation logs for all studies, to include the names of all UCLH staff actively working on each study.

Separate communications have been sent to Divisional Managers to confirm the activities conducted by staff working in each area. This separate communication relates specifically to training requirements.

Identification of which staff work on each study will not be part of the Divisional lists. The JRO will request these lists in due course.