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Prof Bryan Williams shortlisted for BMJ award

25 February 2016

A research paper published by Professor Bryan Williams been shortlisted for the BMJ's (British Medical Journal) UK Research Paper of The Year award.


UCLH Director of Research Professor Williams' paper, published in The Lancet in September 2015, found spironolactone, a drug used for over 50 years, was substantially more effective than other blood pressure lowering drugs at lowering blood pressure in patients with resistant hypertension.

Professor Williams said: "The results of the study offer a spectacularly cost-effective approach to a previously intractable problem. These are some of the most difficult to treat patients with high blood pressure and we have identified a very effective treatment that is both cheap and readily available world-wide. This has the potential to influence the treatment and improve the outcome, for over 100 million people with this condition globally."

Professor Williams' study was coordinated by the British Hypertension Society research network and funded by the NIHR and the British Heart Foundation. 

The BMJ awards will be held on Thursday 5 May at the Park Plaza Westminster Hotel. 

To see a full list of categories and shortlists visit the BMJ Awards website.