Joint Research Office


Drop-in sessions for investigators

29 April 2016

The JRO is running a number of drop-in sessions for investigators.

Research & Development staff will be on hand during these sessions to talk through how studies should be managed for:

  • Investigators submitting studies via UCL/UCLH for sponsorship
  • Investigators submitting studies via UCLH for host approval
  • Investigators currently submitting studies for NHS permission at UCLH and planning to submit research projects in the next six months can attend.

Researchers submitting studies for approval at other NHS trusts should make contact with the trust's Research & Development department.

Contact JRO.Communications@uclh.nhs.uk or 0203 447 2178 if you plan to attend any of the sessions below.

10.30am-12pm, Tuesday 10 May

10am-12pm, Thursday 12 May

10.30am-12pm, Tuesday 17 May

10am-12pm, Thursday 19 May

10.30am-12pm, Tuesday 24 May

10am-12pm, Thursday 26 May  

All at Maple House, Suite 1B, 149 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7DN