Joint Research Office


Introduction to research workshop for lay people

31 January 2014

The JRO is running a workshop for lay people who are going to be actively involved in research on Monday 3 March.

Researchers actively involving patients or the public in their research (not as trial participants but in the design and conduct of research) can invite their lay colleagues to attend this course. Objectives of the course will be to give lay people an idea of the complexities of the research process, to explain research jargon and explain the timeline of research processes.

It's important to stress that this workshop is only for lay people who have already been enlisted to be actively involved in research and it is not for people who are going to be trial participants/volunteers.

When and where?

2-5pm, Monday 3 March 2014

Seminar Room 1

Institute of Sport Exercise and Health

170 Tottenham Court Road


Please note travel costs cannot be reimbursed.

To book a place/s contact Madeleine Stewart madeleine.stewart@ucl.ac.uk