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Team for NIHR Clinical Research Network: North Thames 

29 April 2014

Details of the new NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN): North Thames management and clinical team have been announced.


The team will be led by UCL's Professor Lyn Chitty, Clinical Director and Dr James Lyddiard, Chief Operating Officer. Further appointments of UCL and UCLH staff include Dr Rebecca Kristeleit, Dr Rakesh Popat, Dr Martin Forster, Dr Ruheena Mendes, Dr Marie Scully, Professor David Isenberg, Professor Anne Schilder, Dr Stuart Bloom and Dr Rowland Illing. 

The NIHR CRN: North Thames is hosted by Barts Health NHS Trust and aims to help increase opportunities for patients to take part in clinical research by ensuring that studies are carried out efficiently. The NIHR CRN: North Thames also supports the Government's strategy for UK life sciences by improving the environment for commercial contract clinical research in the NHS in the North Thames area.

See below a list of recently announced appointments

Lyn Chitty Clinical Director
James Lyddiard Chief Operating Officer
John Sheedy Head of Finance and Information
Alastair Nicholson Head of RM&G
Masuma Harrison Industry Operations Manager
Thorsten Hagemann Clinical Research Lead
Peter Szlosarek Upper & lower GI, melanoma
Tom Powles Urology, prostate, bladder , testis, renal
Martin Forster and Ruheena Mendes Brain, head, neck, lung, radiotherapy
Dr Rebecca Kristeleit Gynae, sarcoma, teenage, psychosocial
Dr Rakesh Popat Haematology and lymphoma
David Wheeler Clinical Research Lead & Renal
Colin Johnston Diabetes; Metabolic & Endocrine Disorders
William Van't Hoff Clinical Research Lead & Children
Dan Hart and Marie Scully Haematology
Lynis Lewis Mental Health
Joanne Rodda Dementia - lead for RAFT
Lynis Lewis and David Isenberg Clinical Research Lead
Baskar Dasgupta and David Kelly Musculoskeletal
Mehul Mathukia Primary care & ageing
Anthony Bewley Dermatology
Margaret Johnson and Mahreen Ameen Clinical Research Lead & infectious diseases
Praveen Patel Opthalmology
Anne Schilder ENT
William Rosenberg and Aileen Marshall Hepatology
John Prowle Anaesthesia, pain and critical care
Stuart Bloom Gastroenterology
Tim Harris Injuries and emergencies
Rowland Illing Interventional radiology