Joint Research Office


Cancer Division sets up governance group

26 February 2013

The UCLH Cancer Division has established a group to review research that is not a clinical trial before it is submitted to the Joint Research Office.

The 'Applied Health Research in Cancer Governance Group' will provide governance review and support for researchers.

Please note: this is for pre-submissions to the Joint Research Office.

For more information about the group contact:

Emma Hainsworth, CRUK Senior Research Nurse 

Email: Emma.hainsworth(@)uclh.nhs.uk

Tel: 0845 155 5000 x 75104

The group reviews the following types of study:

* Novice researchers: Nurses/Allied Health Professionals thinking about undertaking a research project and requiring advice

* Nurses/Allied Health Professional/and or others performing research projects as part of an educational programme e.g. MSc, PhD

* Independent research projects relating to cancer care e.g. psychology studies, health services studies involving cancer patients and their families

* Patient Focused and Health Service Cancer Care research where UCLH is a site within a peer reviewed, externally funded single or multi-centre study

The group fulfils 2 main functions at 2 different stages of the study's submission process:

1. Advice and support at early stage of study planning (pre-ethics submission)

2. A required step in the R&D submission process (before SSI can be signed): 

Governance review requiring completion of a brief governance application form

The Governance Application form can be found here.