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New PET MRI now taking research bookings

17 May 2012

UCLH/UCL clinicians and researchers have been celebrating the first output from the new BRC-funded PET MRI scanner.

The new PET MRI scanner, which is the first of its kind in the UK and the latest advance in nuclear medicine and MRI, is now taking bookings from clinicians/ researchers. The scanner which is already being used for cancer, cardiac and neurology studies was installed in the new Cancer Centre at UCLH last year and the first patient data demonstrating disease were obtained this March.

The scanner, which combines the latest in semi-conductor PET design and a fully functional 3T MRI based on the Siemens Verio model, has the unique power and potential to unravel the pathological phenotype of the individual patient.

There is a range of PET tracers and advanced MRI sequences available to investigate. These include: hypoxia, proliferation, amino acid turnover, receptor expression, GLUT expression, dopamine signalling pathways and protein deposition in the brain, such as amyloid and tau as well as assessment of therapy response, inflammation and atheroma.

PETMR - the most advanced imaging technology available today! 

For more information contact, researchers should contact Professor Ashley Groves and clincians should contact Jamshed Bomanji, via inmr.coordinator@uclh.nhs.uk

For techical details, contact Dr Anna Barnes on anna.barnes(@)uclh.nhs.uk