Joint Research Office


Trust awarded £4.2m for NHS service support costs in research

25 April 2012

UCLH has been awarded a total of £4.

2m for to be spent on NHS service support costs in research over the next year.

£2m of this allocation for 2012-13 has been set aside by the Central and East London Comprehensive Local Research Network (CEL CLRN) for commitments made through the CLRN contingency funding mechanism in previous years.

The Joint Research Office (JRO) is currently working on a mechanism for allocating for NHS Service Support funding and this will be published shortly.

UCLH can approach the CLRN through the JRO for additional funding for:

  • new studies that begin in the financial year and where the Chief Investigator is UCLH based
  • new strategic development (details awaited from CEL CLRN).

Researchers who hold an existing CEL CLRN award for an active study, should already have service support funding set aside and held by the CLRN. Researchers whose study funding period has expired should let the JRO know so that the office can liaise with the CEL CLRN to see how the study can continue to be supported.