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Public and Patient Involvement

Involving patients and the public in research

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research is increasingly expected, if not required, by funders. The rationale for this is that PPI can lead to treatments that better meet people's needs and are more likely to be put into practice.

Right from grant proposal and ethics committee review stage, researchers are having to incorporate PPI into their plans. To help researchers actively involve patients and the public in their research, the Research Support Centre has a dedicated PPI manager.

Getting help

Joint Research Office PPI manager

Rosamund Yu can be contacted on rosamund.yu@ucl.ac.uk

Online PPI helpdesk

Email ppihelpdesk@ucl.ac.uk

External sources of direct support and advice with PPI

For more information go to Help for researchers on PPI

Step by step guides

For details of practical guides available go to Practical guides on PPI


For suggestions on the different ways involving patients could help your research go to How do I involve patients or the public in research?

Patient Case Studies

Read our booklet on 'How patients have helped us with our research' which describes the many ways that patients have got involved in biomedical research at UCLH and UCL.