Joint Research Office


Help and feedback

We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of the quality of our work, timely delivery, professional behaviour and customer service.  

If you are unhappy about a service provided by the JRO, or if  you feel we have not done something which we agreed to do, the best way for us to make improvements is to hear from you and learn from what you have to say. Feedback helps us improve the quality of our service. It is worthwhile discussing your concerns early on with the service, as we are usually able to sort the issue out quickly

If you are awaiting a response on a live case (e.g., an application or query submitted to the JRO) and haven’t heard back in the advised time, please email the relevant team lead (see table below). The team lead will aim to respond to you within 24 (working) hours.

To raise any other type of concern or feedback or make a formal complaint, you should email the JRO Operations Manager, Sham Islam, shamimul.islam@nhs.net, who will discuss the matter with one of the JRO's Associate Directors.

If you’d like to feedback on a positive experience, you should email the JRO Operations Manager, Sham Islam, shamimul.islam@nhs.net, who will ensure this is shared with the relevant team members.

Team Leads

AreaTeam Lead


Sponsorship and Amendments for UCL sponsored Clinical Trials of Investigational Medicinal Products (CTIMPS)

Farhat Gilani (Clinical Trials Operations Manager)


Sponsorship and Amendments for all other UCL or UCLH sponsored studiesPushpsen Joshi (Research Governance and Management Manager)pushpsen.joshi1@nhs.net
Approval of studies and amendments to studies at UCLHPushpsen Joshi (Research Governance and Management Manager)pushpsen.joshi1@nhs.net
Contracts and legal issuesGosia Zborowska (Contracts and Legal Affairs Manager)g.zborowska@ucl.ac.uk

Finance including:

  • Costings
  • Funding letters
  • Budget code management

Sashi Laji (Deputy Head of Finance)


Data and Information, including:

  • Edge
  • CPMS
  • Study recruitment data

Stuart Braverman (Data and Information Manager)

Research passports (honorary research contracts and letters of access)Sham Islam (Operations Manager)shamimul.islam@nhs.net

PPI & Communications, including:

  • Patient involvement
  • Patient groups
  • Communication of Information on JRO/BRC website
  • Media support

Ros Yu (Head of PPI and Communications)


Research Quality Assurance, including:

  • Audits and Inspections
  • Training
  • Reporting incidents

Helen Cadiou (Head of Quality Assurance)