Joint Research Office


Contact Other JRO Staff

Contact other JRO staff

Contact JRO Staff

The JRO is based on the 1st Floor of Maple House,  149 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7DN.

For all general enquires about the Joint Research Office please contact a member of the admin team.

General Enquries 020 3447 5557 - Internal 75557

Professor Bryan Williams

Professor Bryan Williams

Director of R&D

bryan.williams@ucl.ac.uk Tel. 020 7679 9429

Nick McNally

Nick McNally

Director of Research Support

n.mcnally@ucl.ac.uk Tel. 020 7679 6639

Sue Kerrison

Sue Kerrison

Head of Risk and Regulation

s.kerrison@ucl.ac.uk Tel. 0203 47 9927


Joe Mwanza

Head of Finance and Contracts

joe.mwanza@uclh.nhs.uk Tel. 0203 447 8030

Darla Champigny

Darla Champigny

Contracts Manager

d.champigny@ucl.ac.uk Tel. 0203 447 5015

Rajinder Sidhu

Rajinder Sidhu

Deputy Director of Research Support

r.sidhu@nhs.net Tel. 0203 447 5554


Curtis Alleyne

Operations Manager

curtis.alleyne@uclh.nhs.uk Tel. 0203 447 2104

Ros Yu

Rosamund Yu

PPI Manager

rosamund.yu@ucl.ac.uk Tel. 020 7679 6166

Libby Oakden

Libby Oakden

UCLH Innovations Senior Business Manager

Libby.oakden@nhs.net   Tel. 020 3447 5557