Information Services Division


Services System

The UCL Services System enables Departmental Administrators and other departmental staff to request and revoke access to UCL services for members of their department including staff, visitors and, where appropriate, students.

Access the Services System

The main features of the system are:

  • A repository for information about your departmental visitors.
  • The ability to request or revoke access to UCL services:

    • Computer accounts
    • Library services
    • Telephone services
  • Export options to extract information about people in your department
  • An option to upload visitors in bulk

Who uses the Services System?

The system is for use by:

  • Departmental Administrators: who can use the system to create visitors and request services.
  • Computer Reps: who can request access to Computing services (but only for existing staff, students or visitors)
  • Telephone Administrators: who can request access to Telecoms services only.

Find details of Services System users for your department (page restricted to UCL staff only)

Help and guidance

Register for the Services System

Guidance on using the Services System

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