Information Services Division


UPI Access Groups

Permission groups are used to restrict access to certain computing resources.

Most of these groups are generated automatically based on a person's association with UCL, i.e. whether they are a member of staff, a student or a visitor (including sub-categories) and their associated department. This information is drawn from UPI on a nightly basis and used by processes in the Information Services Division that actually create and maintain the groups.

How to find the right group

Group names are formed from a combination of department and association codes. Department codes are derived from the UCL departmental hierarchy. Associations reflect the different types of association people may have with UCL.

Note: You will be prompted to log in to view the links below - these pages are only visible to UCL staff.
The department makes up the group name prefix: e.g. msd-staffList of departments and department group prefixes
The association makes up the group name suffix: msd-staffList of suffixes for various associations
To include every member with a particular association, use one of the 'all' groups: e.g. all-staff, all-ugList of ALL groups (scroll down the page)
Additional groups exist to restrict access to staff in UCL who hold particular roles. This includes Heads of Department, Deans, Departmental Administrators, Departmental Safety Officers, etc. To include everyone with a particular role, use the appropriate role group: e.g role-hod, role-dsoList of role groups (scroll down the page)


These links provide information on how the new Intranet groups are defined. Each group has two parts:

  • Prefix - either "all" or a department code
  • Suffix - the type of user included in the group

Prefixes are hierarchical - in the same way as the organisation hierarchy - so granting access to medicine-staff covers access to all sub-units under the Dept of Medicine.

The "all" prefix is used to limit access to all members of a particular type of user: e.g. all-staff, all-hon or every user in a specified department: all-greek

Examples and questions

Old and New Groups:

Restricting access to staff in Library Department:

  • Previously either the old group name or the new group name could be used: libserv-staff or libraryser-staff
  • Now use libraryser-staff for established staff, libraryser-hon for honorary staff and libraryser-asssta for associate staff registered in the Services System. libserv- prefixed group names are now obsolete.

What's the difference between ucl-staff and all-staff?

The all-staff, all-pg, all-ug include people recorded in non-UCL external organisations (including, for example, students on an intercollegiate year).

Staff in the following organisations are not included in the ucl-staff group but are included in all-staff group (this is because these departments are considered as independent of the main UCL organisation hierarchy:

  • Trade Union Office
  • UCL Partners
  • Intercollegiate Students

Checking group membership

Computer Reps can check membership of their department’s groups using the Computer Reps Tool.