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Cruciform VC Room - Booking


To book a videoconference, please follow these steps...

Step 1 - Things to Consider Before You Book

Before you attempt to book a videoconference there are certain things that you need to consider. These are...

  • Does your booking start before 09:00 or finish after 17.00 UK time?
  • Is UCL open on the date you want your videoconference to take place? e.g. bank holidays etc.
  • Please be aware that our videoconferencing support staff normally work office hours and extra costs will be incurred for bookings outside these times.
  • We strongly recommend doing a test beforehand especially to sites outside the UK. Please contact us for further details.
  • If you have any problems, please contact our staff on extension 09259 (020 7679 9259 external).

Step 2 - Check Availability & Request Booking

  1. Check the availability of the room or facility that you are interested in.
  2. Contact our videoconferencing support staff directly on internal extension 09259 or email.

Step 3 - Provide Relevant Information For Test

Once a videoconference has been booked we will need to set up a test with the site prior to the date - ideally a week before the transmission date - to ensure that we have a good link.

Could you please forward the following details to Videocon, once they are known to you.

  1. Date of videoconference
  2. Site(s) or Place of contact i.e. (University College London, London UK)
  3. Numbers of delegates expected at local site
  4. Number of delegates expected at remote site
  5. Email and telephone number of remote site technical contact(s)
  6. Presentation format if any
  7. Start date/time (UK)
  8. End time (UK)
  9. Additional support required (if any) - please specify -

Step 4 - Provide IDT for Call Charges

Additionally, for all UCL departments, we will also require an IDT (Inter-departmental Transfer) before the event - with the appropriate budget code - so that we can invoice for the call charges.

If you are external to UCL then we will need written confirmation and a deposit of £60 to retain the booking.