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Rooms & Facilities

Videoconferencing Room & Lecture Theatre

The Learning & Teaching Spaces team within ISD, is responsible for centrally bookable videoconferencing equipment and infrastructure at UCL and has a dedicated room within the South Wing for up to 6 people and are currently working to provide a videoconferencing facility in Cruciform Lecture theatre 2 (LT2).


The facility offered by ISD in South Wing can be booked through the ISD L&TS team.

Which facility to use?

Which facility you will want to use for your videoconference, and ultimately how you can book it, will be determined by a number of factors. These include:

  1. Time of videoconference
  2. Specialist facilities needed for videoconference e.g. multiple site videoconferencing
  3. Staff availability to oversee videoconference


For general enquiries regarding video-conferencing please contact our video-conferencing support staff directly on...

Internal Phone:   09356

External Phone:  +44 20 7679 9356

Email:                  Videocon