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Desktop@UCL Anywhere Frequently Asked Questions

What are the session timeout - How do they affect me

Session timeouts 

Screen lock - after 20 minutes

After 20 minutes you will need to sign back into your desktop if you have had no interaction with your session. 

Max idle time out & log off time - after 4 hours

Your session will remain active on the server for 4 hours from your last interaction with the session. 

If you are disconnected from your Desktop@UCL Anywhere session you can reconnect to your last session. 

After 4 hours you will be logged out of your session and any unsaved data may be lost.


What web browsers and operating systems are supported ?


  • Apple Safari 7
  • Apple Safari 6
  • Google Chrome 36 or later
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit mode)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 (32-bit mode)
  • Mozilla Firefox 31 or later

Operating systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows Phone 10
  • Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (32-bit and 64-bit editions)
  • Mac OS X (Latest Version and two versions before)
  • iOS (latest version)
  • Android (latest version)



How do I access my UCL stored files?

Once you are logged in to your Citrix Desktop Anywhere session your files can be accessed in the same way as normal UCL desktops.

Once you are logged in to your Citrix desktop Anywhere session the best way to access your files is to launch a full desktop session by double clicking on the Desktop @ UCL Anywhere icon presented in the StoreFront Favourites tab and then use standard Windows navigation. Alternatively you can launch the file explorer application located in the StoreFront Apps tab

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What apps are availble on Desktop@UCL anywhere

We aim to deploy all software that is available on managed desktop machine to Desktop@UCL Anywhere, however there can be some limitations due to the applications.

Confirmation of applications available on Desktop@UCL Anywhere can be found on the UCL Software Database page.

How do I choose when to use Desktop or when to use Apps?

If you are using Desktop Anywhere from a PC or Mac  regularly then it is generally easier to use a Desktop rather than launching individual apps from the StoreFront, as you have a familiar look and feel.

If you are using a mobile or tablet device then launching individual apps via the StoreFront will provide a better experience. You can open/save documents from the application’s menu as normal.

However it is a personal choice and we encourage you to try both options.

How can I access files on my local machine?

The first time you try to access a file on your local drive though Desktop @ UCL Anywhere you will be asked to allow access.
To change the this afterward the option can be found in the CWA settings.

Local File Access on Desktop@UCL Anywhere…

Select the Read/Write option to permit access to your local files.  If you do not want to be asked permission every time you logon, then tick the checkbox Do not ask me again for this virtual desktop.

If you select the No access option you will receive the following error when you try to access local files.

Windows Access Denied Error…

You can change these preferences at a later date by clicking the Options toolbar located at the top of the Desktop @ UCL Anywhere session

Desktop@UCL Anywhere Preferences…

How do I access UCL internal services?

Once you are logged in to your Citrix Desktop Anywhere session you can access other UCL internal services like MyView, MyFinance or ROME as normal.

When I click on an item from the Citrix StoreFront, why instead of opening something, does a file get downloaded?

If instead of launching the .ica file downloads then select the options in the task bar to Always launch this file type.

Google Chrome asks me to download and install Citrix Workspace each time I access my apps. What’s happening?

Citrix recommends moving to the latest Workspace to get the fix for this issue. 

The latest version of Citrix Workspace is available from the Citrix website.

I have a version of Receiver already installed. Do I need to uninstall previous versions?

Workspace automatically replaces many previous versions of Receiver and the Citrix online plug-ins, however, some versions must be removed manually before you can install the most recent version of Workspace.  In that case, Workspace prompts you to remove the earlier versions from your device manually.

The latest version of Citrix Workspace is available from the Citrix website.

What is the difference between disconnecting and logging off?

A session can become “disconnected” if:

  • User clicks “disconnect” in the Citrix toolbar or closes the browser tab (HTML5)
  • PC enters sleep mode
  • Infrastructure component issue

If the session is disconnected then in general after logging back into the StoreFront (from same or different device / location) and starting the desktop you will be re-connected to the same resource in the same state.

The exception to this is if the server hosting your desktop session is down (planned / unplanned) in which case you will be connected to a new resource in the default state.

Disconnected sessions are forcibly logged-off after 1.5 hours if not reconnected as they consume Citrix compute resources and licenses.

Disconnecting sessions is useful when you need to change locations or go away from desk for periods throughout the day but in general we recommend that in other circumstances you log-off the session using the “start – Log-off” option in the desktop.

How do I print?

When printing from the Citrix desktop you can select print-UCL as is the case for standard UCL desktops.

If you have additional printers mapped automatically in standard UCL desktops then these will also appear as options.

Directly connected printers using USB can also be used within the Citrix session, in this case the Citrix universal print driver is used.

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What do I do if the application I require does not seem to be available?

Most software that is available on staff and cluster room devices is available on Desktop @ UCL Anywhere. For more details see UCL's Software Database.

Please note: It is not possible for a user to install software into the environment by themselves.

If the application you desire is not available within Desktop @ UCL Anywhere please raise a service request with IT Services by calling 020 7679 5000 (internal: 25000)

Some applications are not suitable to be hosted on Desktop @ UCL Anywhere for technical or licensing issues.

What is an acceptable response time for logging in to Desktop @ UCL Anywhere?

The response time for remote access is dependent on the quality of the internet connection you are using. For example, if you are using the free Wi-Fi in Costa, the customer experience will not be good.

However, if you are using a reasonable internet connection then logging on and establishing a desktop session can take around 5 minutes.

If you are experiencing response times greater than this then please call the IT Services on 020 7679 5000 (internal: 25000) so we can investigate

Where do I go to if I need more help using Desktop @ UCL Anywhere?

If you are experiencing any issues with the service then please call the IT Services on 020 7679 5000 (internal: 25000) so we can investigate