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Topping up print funds using a credit loader kiosk

This guide will take you through the steps required to add funds to your Print@UCL account using a credit loader kiosk

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  1. At the credit loader kiosk tap your UCL ID card on the reader.

UCL Card Loader Home Screen

Fig 1. UCL Card Loader Home Screen

  1. The screen will display the account holder’s name and the current balance. To add funds to the account select Make A Deposit by card

Current Balance Screen

Fig 2. Current balance screen

  1. Type in the amount to be added to the account, then select OK

Deposit Amount Screen

Fig 3. Deposit amount screen

  1. On the following screen, confirm the entered amount is correct.

Deposit amount confirmation

Fig 4. Deposit amount confirmation

  1. Insert the payment card into the card slot or hold it against the wireless reader to use contactless payment.

Insert payment card

Fig 5. Insert payment card

  1. When the transaction is authorised, the screen will display Card Payment Successful. Select OK to continue.

Card Payment Succesful.

Fig 6. Card Payment Successful

  1. The following screen shows the deposit summary. Select OK to continue. A receipt is printed showing the details of the transaction for your records.

Deposit Summary

Fig 7. Deposit Summary

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