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Search for messages in Outlook 2016 for Mac

Find a message or item using Instant Search.

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1. The search box is located within the top-right corner of Outlook (in Mail view).

2. In the Search box, type your search text. By default the search will be performed in your current folder.

3. As soon as you click in the search box, the Search toolbar will appear. This is not visible until the search box is active. From here you will find multiple search filters to help with your search.

Fig 1. The search box in Outlook 2016 for Mac…

Fig 1. The search box in and search toolbar within Outlook 2016 for Mac
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4. The search box will automatically suggest relevant key words to help you find what you are looking for. The email list will also update in real time to let you see your results. You can also use some of the search filters available to you which is located on the menu bar just above your email list.

Fig 2. Example of automatic suggestions…

Fig 2. Example of automatic suggestions
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