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Register for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with text message

This guide is aimed at

  • Staff only

Before you start

  • You should only complete these instructions if you have received an email from the project group inviting you to register for MFA.
  • You will need your phone.


  1. Go to https://aka.ms/MFASetup

  2. If you are not already signed in, log in with your UCL credentials

  3. Select Next to proceed

    MFA more information required

    Fig.1 – More information required
  4. Select I want to set up a different method to set up phone call as second factor authentication

    Microsoft Authenticator options
    Fig.2 – I want to set up a different method

  5. Select Phone from the drop-down menu

    MFA set up different method
    Fig.3 – Choose a different method

  6. Select Confirm to set choice

    Confirm Phone choice
    Fig.4 – Confirm Phone choice

  7. Enter the phone number you would like to use, select Text me a code as your authentication method and click Next

    MFA phone details text me option

    Fig.5 – Enter phone number and Text me a code selected
  8. Microsoft MFA will send an authentication text code to the telephone number you have provided. Please check your mobile phone for the authentication text code. Enter the text code received into the textbox provided and select Next to proceed

    MFA verify text code

    Fig.6 – Enter code sent via text
  9. You have successfully registered your phone number for authenticating using text message, select Next to finish the registration process

  10. Congratulations, you have successfully set up MFA with text message

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