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Register for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Microsoft Authenticator app

This guide is aimed at

  • Staff only

Before you start

  • You should only complete these instructions if you have received an email from the project group inviting you to register for MFA.
  • You will need an iOS or Android device (or a device with an operating system that supports running Android applications).


  1. On your computer, go to https://aka.ms/MFASetup
  2. If you are not already signed in, log in with your UCL credentials
  3. Select Next to proceed with registering for MFA or select Skip for now if you would like to defer registering for a later date.

    Please note you will have a 14-day grace period from the day you receive the notification to register for MFA

    MFA more information required

    Fig.1 – More information required
  4. On your mobile device navigate to your device’s application marketplace. Search for and install the Microsoft Authenticator app

    Please note: If you already have the Microsoft Authentication app installed, tap the + sign to add an account, select Work or school account and then go to step 6.

  5. Once the Microsoft Authenticator app is installed on your mobile device follow the Set-up Wizard to complete setting up the application on your device.
  6. On your computer, select Next to proceed

    Microsoft Authenticator options

    Fig.2 – Download Microsoft Authenticator screen
  7. On your mobile device, select Scan QR code to open the camera
  8. When the camera is ready, on your computer select Next

    Microsoft Authenticator set up your account

    Fig.3 – Set up your account screen
  9. With your mobile device, scan the QR code and select Confirm

    Microsoft Authenticator QR code

    Fig.4 – Scan the QR code
  10. On your mobile device, when prompted, select Approve to link your account to your Microsoft Authenticator app

    Microsoft Authenticator approve the notifcation

    Fig.5 – Approve the notification we're sending to your app
  11. Your account and your Microsoft Authenticator app are now linked. On your computer, select Next to complete registration.

    Microsoft Authenticator notification approved screen

    Fig.6 – Notification approved
  12. Select Done to complete the MFA registration

    Microsoft Authenticator success notification

    Fig.7 – Success screen
  13. Congratulations, your account is now registered for MFA

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